We established our company as a family business 10 years ago to make services available for SMEs, which were not given for the citizens, employees, companies in our area. Our aim is to create complex services, which makes financial, legal and tender advices available at the same time for those who work in our micro-region or our county. The users of the service provided by us received guidance and professional assistance, which help them to realize more efficient and economical operation and more dynamic development.

Encouraged by the initial successes, our company has built its relationship system more widely, which helps to expand the range of our services, so we have already conveyed engineering, meanwhile we have expanded our offer with environmental consulting and business strategy consulting.

We have always placed great emphasis on high value-added work, accuracy and precision, and open communication with our customers.

Our company works as a Complex group of companies from 2014.

We actively participated in several economic development, rural development and environmental protection programs of the European Union funds which were available in the 2007-2013 and then 2014-2020 programming periods. We have several inland and international professional collaborations, and we play an active, leading role in many Hungarian civil communities, which are primarily shown up in the fields of environment and nature protection, climate protection and attitude formation.

We received the ISO 14001 certification at the first quarter of 2021, which certification system gives huge emphasis in our group of companies whole system.

Today, within the frame of our complete corporate management service: in addition to financial, legal, tender and environmental, engineering consulting, we also provide marketing and communication activities to our clients, not just in our country but beyond the borders.

Based on the social consultations of the programs of the period 2021-2027, and the legal provisions we have examined, we are starting the new period with confidence, full of hopes and ideas.

Our philosophy: to create something new, something lasting, and value.

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